Biometric authentication is used to secure digital or physical access. Such
an authentication system uses a biometric database, where data are sometimes
protected by cancelable transformations. This paper introduces the notion of
biometric masterkeys. A masterkey is a feature vector such that the
corresponding template matches with a significant number of templates stored in
a cancelable biometric database. Such a masterkey is directly researched from a
cancelable biometric database, but we also investigate another scenario in
which the masterkey is fixed before the creation of the cancelable biometric
database, providing additional access rights in the system for the masterkey’s
owner. Experimental results on the fingerprint database FVC and the face image
database LFW show the effectiveness and the efficiency of such masterkeys in
both scenarios. In particular, from any given feature vector, we are able to
construct a cancelable database, for which the biometric template matches with
all the templates of the database.

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