Training high performance Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) models require
large-scale and high-quality datasets. The expensive cost of collecting and
annotating large-scale datasets make the valuable datasets can be considered as
the Intellectual Property (IP) of the dataset owner. To date, almost all the
copyright protection schemes for deep learning focus on the copyright
protection of models, while the copyright protection of the dataset is rarely
studied. In this paper, we propose a novel method to actively protect the
dataset from being used to train DNN models without authorization. Experimental
results on on CIFAR-10 and TinyImageNet datasets demonstrate the effectiveness
of the proposed method. Compared with the model trained on clean dataset, the
proposed method can effectively make the test accuracy of the unauthorized
model trained on protected dataset drop from 86.21% to 38.23% and from 74.00%
to 16.20% on CIFAR-10 and TinyImageNet datasets, respectively.

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